Coffee Blends

A blend of coffee is the product of two (or more) worlds colliding to make one, wonderfully diverse creation. In a less poetic sense, however, it is essentially blending a variety of coffee beans together, whether they differ in country, region, estate or even just in profile or character. Any amount of different coffees can be blended together, but it is most common to blend between two and four types of bean.

It is no secret that, in recent years alone, single origin coffees have greatly increased in popularity owing to their unique characteristics, coupled with a wealth of information on where they came from and how they were produced. It is true that many coffee connoisseurs may sometimes prefer these types of coffees for this reason.

However, let’s look at coffee blends from a different perspective. Imagine eating the separate ingredients to the most delicious chocolate cake one by one. Imagine missing out on all the incredible flavours and textures that may have been lovingly made by skilled, masterful bakers with years of experience. Now look at blended coffee; examine the love, care, and dedication so sorely required in producing these brews, and how each one of the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company’s Coffee Blends has been perfectly matched in harmonious flavour, character, and even aroma.

Blending coffee is often done for consistency. It ensures that your favourite blend will smell and taste the same whenever you purchase it, whereas the taste of a single origin coffee can change dramatically throughout the year. These coffees can also be blended to give distinct flavours and aromas that are seldom found when choosing single origin coffee.

The process of blending is not as straight-forward as it might seem. First, the coffee beans are carefully selected with a certain flavour ‘goal’ in mind. Contrary to popular belief, it is not simply a case of ‘trial and error’. Next, the two or more choice beans must be blended together. There is a great amount of dispute within the coffee industry as to whether blending should occur before or after roasting. The general consensus, however, is that the coffee beans should, by rights, be roasted together as different beans roast at different rates, which can ultimately provide a well-rounded flavour for the perfect cup of coffee. Once roasted, the blend can be packaged as either a whole bean or as a grounded product, ready for shipping.

Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we stock a large range of some of the best coffee blends available on the market. We also have a daily roasting program to ensure our coffee blends are of the finest quality.

Some of our favourite coffee blends include our Espresso Kentish Roast blend, our Italian Roast Coffee, and our Breakfast Coffee. We also have a wide array of flavoured coffee blends for you to browse through at your leisure. Whatever your preference might be, we will certainly have the perfect coffee blend that meets all your needs, and so much more!