Italian Roast Coffee

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Italian Roast Coffee is a strong, rich brew with a great taste. The term “Italian Roast” refers to the degree of roast applied to the beans. When it comes to Italian Roast Coffee, that degree is notably high. Italian-roasted Coffee beans bare minimal resemblance to green beans, especially with bold acidic notes.

This particular beverage is made using only the finest quality blend of Asian Robusta Bean Coffees with notes characterised as bittersweet coupled with subtle charred hints. If you need Coffee to get you out of bed in the morning, one would be hard-pressed to find a better brew than our Italian Roast Coffee.

All of our Coffees, including our Italian Roast Coffee, are roasted using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the beans. Once roasted, every Coffee, as well as every Tea and Tisane, is packed fresh to order here in our Pluckley-based factory, which is nestled away within the stunning vistas of the Kentish countryside. Enjoy every product fresh - only with The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

So, why call it “Italian Roast” when it comes from Asia? The roasting method applied to this Coffee is, quite simply, immensely popular in Italy, the same way that French Roast Coffee is popular in France. But what’s the difference between Italian Roast Coffee and French Roast Coffee? Both types of Coffee are dark-roasted; however, with a French Roast, the temperature of the roast is high enough that the natural oils found within the beans are brought to the surface, which in turn imparts a distinctive flavour with notes varying from berry to citrus.

French-roasted Coffees bear much resemblance to more common dark-roasted Coffees as, by rights, they are themselves dark-roasted Coffees. Italian-roasted Coffee, meanwhile, are, too, dark-roasted Coffees but they are much darker and oilier than French Roasts. Nevertheless, why Asian Robusta Bean Coffees?

Many people deem Robusta Coffees, particularly those from Asia, as “inferior”; however, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company can tell you now that this is a common misconception. In reality, it all depends on perspective. Robusta beans are round in shape with a straighter central cut. The plants on which they grow on are hardier and more resistant to heat and plant-related diseases as well as insects. Coffea canephora (Robusta) plants are also larger than Coffea arabica (Arabica) plants, the former reaching heights of up to six metres compared with the latter’s slightly more modest 4.5 metres.

While quality might not be on the side of the typical robusta bean (less the case with our Italian Roast Coffee, however, which is good!), caffeine content is. Robusta beans contain 2.7% caffeine content, which is 1.2% more than arabica beans. If you need an extra push in the morning, robusta beans might be for you.

However, most people believe that Robusta beans do not taste as good as Arabica beans, but there are occasions when this is not the case as, after all, it very much depends on personal preference. Robusta beans boast a stronger taste, often with more acidic and bitter notes. These beans are often used in coffee blending, as such with our Italian Roast Coffee. They are versatile and very accommodating to a variety of added flavours such as chocolate and hazelnut. They also roast exceptionally well, as showcased with our Italian Roast Coffee.

Origin: Asia.

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