Tea from Africa

Africa is the new kid on the block when it comes to tea production. It has only been in the last century that Africa has joined the likes of India and China. Africa doesn’t have any indigenous tea plants, the first plantation in Africa was established by the Brook Bond tea company in the 1920’s, many sprang up after this one in fact, Kenya is now one of the largest exporters of tea in the world.

Rooibos does occur naturally in South Africa although it isn’t actually a tea plant but part of the legume family. Being relatively young you may think the tea from Africa would be inferior to its Asian counterparts but African tea is up there with the best.Map of Africa

Rooibos Tea 

The first thing that springs to mind when you hear African tea is probably Rooibos Tea  or Red Bush Tea. This tea originating in South Africa is a popular tea due to it being naturally caffeine free. Rooibos Tea is often blended with different, herbs, spices and flavours to give many exotic variations. One such blend known as African nectar tea includes a mixture of hibiscus and rose petals, you can view our selection of Rooibos teas Here

Africa is a vast and varied country with different climates and terrain. This means that the teas from Africa are also very different from one another, it is worth trying a few teas from different regions to find out which is your favourite.

We stock a large range of African black teas, green teas and white teas, of course rooibos tea. Some of our favourites include Kenya Kaimosi TGFOP1, Malawi Thyolo Dark Fired Tea and our African blend of, Rooibos Mango and Bamboo Tea.