The Coffee Process

The Coffee Process can vary slightly from in Brazil between May to September, Central America October to March, Africa October to April and in Asia November to April. The green bean is harvested by stripping the berries and manually collecting.

The first step in the processing is for the bean to be stripped of its outer pulp and skin as soon as possible after picking then cleaned and dried. Coffee is graded by size, density and colour before being packed into bags for shipping.

Original coffees are then shipped around the world to roasters. During the roasting process the bean is turned in a drum in temperatures of over 200 C. The tastes and appearance of the roasted coffees differ according to application of heat and the timing of the roast. The coffee process longer roasts you get Continental style coffees which have a heavy black oily look with a sharp strength, with the medium roasts you get smoother, more gentle coffees which have that light brown appearance.

Many coffees are blend to bring the unique qualities of single origin coffees together to achieve coffees such as Breakfast Roasts, High Mountain Roasts and of course Espresso Roasts!

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