We Have a Huge Selections of Tea Types

There are four main Tea types: Black, Green, White and Oolong Tea. Each type comes from the same Camellia sinensis (Tea) plant. The difference from one to another comes about through the processing of the leaf. The most vital element of this process is oxidation, which is how Black Tea, for example, goes its separate way to Green Tea.

As humans, we experience oxidation through, broadly speaking, the transference of oxygen around the body. With Tea, it refers to a change in the structure of the leaf. This ultimately ensures that everyone has a Tea well-suited to their personal tastes and palates.

It's important to note, however, that Herbal and Fruit infusions aren't 'Teas' in the conventional sense. As their names suggest, these beverages are made up of either brewed fruits or herbs. In other words, they don't contain any leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant. Nevertheless, the global Tea industry has long 'adopted' these delectable brews.

What will you choose - Black Tea or Green Tea? White Tea or Oolong Tea? Herbal Tea or Fruit Tea? Whatever you decide, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company ensure that every type is of only the finest quality. We also pack almost all of our products fresh to order.


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