Chai Tea

Chai is the word used for tea in many languages across the globe, but chai is more commonly used to describe a specific tea beverage. The drink we know today is derived from Masala Chai, more commonly known as Chai Tea , which is made from black loose tea and milk infused with mixed spices.

Indian Chai Tea is part of the tea culture across the country with recipes changing from village to village as different spices are added. Chai Tea culture has rapidly spread around the world with different countries offering their own take on the traditional recipe.

The Loose Leaf Chai Tea is traditionally served hot and made with various spices including ground ginger and cardamom but there are now many variations across the world including iced chai latte where the spiced chai tea is mixed with ice to make a delicious cold beverage, and green chai tea in which black tea is substituted for green tea.

Another popular variation is decaf chai. This can be made using either a decaffeinated black tea or a naturally decaffeinated tea such as rooibos tea.

Brewing Guide for Chai Tea 

There are many ways to enjoy a chai. The traditional way to make masala chai is to brew all of the ingredients, including the loose tea leaves together in a pot and then strain into a cup but chai tea can also be purchased in tea bags and powdered form.

We can’t tell you the best way to enjoy chai tea as you’ll have to decide for yourself, but we do stock a variety of chai including Cochin Masala ChaiBombay Chai Tea, Red Chai Rooibos Tea  and Madagascan Vanilla Chai tea which contains a mix of teas, spices and vanilla. We also stock Bombay Tea 50 Chai Tea Bags  so you can enjoy chai on the go.