Assam Tea

Assam, 'the Land of Assam Tea and the one horned rhino' is situated geographically in the north-eastern area of India, bordering Bhutan and Burma, its vast and full of dense forest and open plains through which the Brahmaputra river runs through carrying rich nutrients from the mountains of Tibet. It is the birth place of India's indigenous tea bush; the Camellia Sinensis Var. Assamica. This variety of tea produces a larger leaf than that of the Camellia Sinesis var. Sinensis, the Chinese variety, which also grows in Darjeeling. Assam Map


The tropical climate in Assam brings seasonal rains, sweltering heat and high humidity or intense sunshine which makes tea production of Assam Tea virtually all year round, only stopping for monsoon season. 


A large amount of Assam Loose Tea is produced as CTC which is a small leaf generally used for Assam Tea Bags, mostly used as the strong backbone of Traditional Tea Blends. It is also used as he based of the famous Indian Blend called Chai Tea which is drunk thought-out India and is a mixture of spices and Assam black tea which is traditionally drunk with milk and sugar. Like Darjeeling Tea, Assam also produces as range of these teas too. With the growing interest in Green Tea and the health benefits of Green Tea, Assam also produces a small range of Assam green teas which tend to be light with a sweet aroma.


Assam also produces several 'flushes', with the first of the tea leaves being picked in March, the early spring when the first shoots appear. However, First Flush Assam Teas are not considered to be the best and is sold mainly for blending, starting in June, the Assam Second Flush Tea season begins and continues until September.


The dry leaf should be a rich warm brown with a good amount of golden flecks, which are the new buds, this shows a good quality Assam Loose Tea. The Second Flush Assam is known to be a deep, copper colour with a rich, smooth, sweet and malty, a perfect breakfast tea!

Brewing Guide for Assam Tea  

Using boiling water (100 degrees) Infuse the Assam tea leafs for approximately 3 to 5 minutes for the perfect cup of tea.

Assam Teas we Recommend  

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