Black Tea

This Tea one of the most diverse ranges of teas used around the world, so popular it is said only water has a higher consumption rate. Routed in our psyche it has had an impact like no other, so fond of scented Black Tea, for example are the Chinese they have a saying “better to be without water and food for three days than to endure a day without tea”.

What is Black Tea?

It is known for its full and rich flavour, it is extracted from the leaves of the “Camellia sinesis” plant (also called “the tea plant”). Loose Leaf black tea is made through a process of withering then rolling of the tea leaves and it’s distinctive flavour comes from a longer period of fermentation that other teas like Oolong Tea and green tea which come from the same leaves. There are many types of black tea catering for all tastes. The name comes from the dark colour the tea has, although if you take a look at it you will notice that the colour is actually a dark red-orange shade. You’ll also want to know that a cup of black tea has half of the caffeine quantity you will find in a cup of coffee, we also stock decaffeinated black tea  including our popular Decaffeinated Black Tea 50 Tea Bags. So you can get your morning energy boost from a nice blends and give up coffee without feeling like you’re missing out on something!

Health Benefits of Black Tea

This is one of those drinks that should be included in our daily diet to assist with blood sugar control, they are also good for your heart also in some cases weight loss control. The absolute king of teas, it has powerful antioxidant properties and it is also rich in volatile oils, amino acids, iodine, potassium and vitamins like K, B1, B2 and C so if you want to buy black tea, now would be a good time to start. It can be consumed without having to worry about side effects and it is a trusted ally when it comes to protect the body from various cardio vascular diseases, it has the ability to lower bad cholesterol, it’s safe to say that having a cup of black tea a day can keep the doctor away. Read our blog post on the Health Benefits of Black Tea.

You will be probably surprised to find out that this type of tea is also used in beauty industry for its pigment and beneficial properties.

Brewing Guide for Black Tea

Brew iLoose Black Tea n very hot water for 3-4 mins and the a recommended ration is one and a half teaspoons of the loose leaf tea to 8 ounces of water. However for exact instructions always look on the packaging of the tea for exact advice.

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