Lapsand Souchong Tea

Lapsang Spuchong Tea is predominantly grown in the Wuyi Mountains of the Fujian Province, Souchong means a 'sub variety' of tea leaf which grows in the Wuyi Mountains. The Lapsang leaf is grade below that of pekoe on the tea bush. It is a large leaf which is rolled lengthways to produce a ragged coarse piece. The Souchong leaf is usually used for smoked teas from China and Taiwan (Formosa) as part of the small amount of Black Tea that they do produce. Black Tea was first produced in China during the war in the 19th century during the Qing Dynasty, through unintentional fermentation due to the humid and warm nature of the weather.


Lapsang Souchong Tea makes a perfect afternoon tea that compliments cheeses, spicy and salty foods, smoked salmon or smoked chicken, famous chef Heston Blumenthal has even used Lapsang Souchong to smoke Salmon to create the delicate smokey flavour. It is a delicate fruity black tea with a strong smoky aroma and taste. Lapsang grades are split in to categories which are named after animals, the more prestigious the animal, the higher the grade. We have to offer; Lapsang Souchong Falcon, Lapsang Souchong Tiger, Lapsang Souchong Osprey, Lapsang Souchong Crocodile and many more. For example; Lapsang Souchong Falcon has less Tarry character than "Lapsang Souchong Osprey". Tarry refers to Pine Tar, a characteristic found within the flavour. We have developed our very own Lapsang Souchong 50 Tea Bags which are a very popular tea bag.


This tea is one that some may refer to as a 'love it-or-hate-it' tea. Rumoured to have been drunk by Winston Churchill, it is known as a tea for westerners as this tea is not enjoyed so readily in the East. It is best served black or with milk.