Flavoured Tea

Tea has existed for thousands of years, since the earliest cup herbs, spices, oils and fruit have been added to give a cup something special, whether it be; Chai Tea, Lapsang Tea, flavoured loose tea started with the humble cup of Earl Grey which was flavoured with Bergamot to prevent mould during transit, right back in the beginning!

Using Black Tea, Green Teas, Oolong Tea and White Tea leaves with all natural oils and flavours, fruit and herbs we have created over 100 different blends for every season, weather and emotion!

When creating Loose Leaf Black Tea blends for a sweet or fruit tea we tend to use a mild China Black teas with a strong Ceylon while other blends may used a Keemun Tea, an Oolong or an earthy Yunnan for a more aromatic blend.

Loose Leaf Green Tea is a more delicate and lighter flavour to Black Tea, blending green tea with flavours are normally bright and fruity, rarely you will find heavy scents associated with a green tea. However, when an over powering ingredient is added, you may find that the blend used a gunpowder Green Loose Tea which is a heavier, less delicate green tea with more deeper flavours for example; Moroccan Mint, Cherry or Rose Green Tea.

We also find that flavoured teas are a perfect to substitute for deserts or a sweet craving when trying to lose weight as they contain low sugar but full flavour!