Green Tea

Why is green tea good for you, rich in B vitamins, folate (naturally occurring folic acid), manganese, potassium, magnesium, caffeine and other antioxidants, notably catechins. Did you know Green Tea derives from the Camellia sinensis plant, leaves from the plant are steamed to produce green tea, while the leaves of black tea and oolong tea involve fermentation.

Our organic loose leaf green tea is obtained from the best green tea leaves respecting the highest quality standards of harvesting and processing offering the pleasure of taste combined with the real benefits for health. It is what we like to call a real gourmet green tea, an unforgettable experience, you can learn more about organic green teas on our blog

Benefits of Green Tea

You may have seen green tea has hit the headlines over the past 20 years for being called super foods and a health drink which are believed to help with weight loss and weight control, you can read more about the Health Benefits of Green Tea on our blog and the National Health Services Website. However, most green teas are drunk around the world because of their wonderful taste.

Apart from the antioxidants and tannins, the green tea loose leaf contains many vitamins, such as A, B1, C, E, just to name few. Natural loose green tea is used in disease prevention or as adjuvant: blood vessels related diseases, diabetes, dental cavities, and gum problems, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease various forms of cancer, skin diseases, cholesterol etc.

Brewing Guide for Green Tea

Green tea works with any water but for an extra treat try making yours with natural spring water.

  • Amount of Tea Leaf: 10g (0.35 oz, light 3 tsp.)

  • Water Temperature: Boiling

  • Water Amount: 650ml (22 fl.oz)

  • Brewing Time: 2-4 minutes

  • Temp. When Served: 80’C (180’F)

  • Amt. of Brewed Tea/ Cup: 120ml (4 fl.oz)

  • Whole Amt. of Brewed Tea: 600ml (20 fl.oz)

Place tea leaves in a teapot. Pour boiling water that has been cooled to the correct temperature, allow tea to steep for about 2-4 minutes.

Then stir (virtually all the leaves will sink) then pour into your cup. It is optional to add milk or sugar however the tea is really intended to be drunk without either being

Green Teas we Recommend 

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Matcha Green Tea 

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