Iced Tea

The Original Iced Tea! Forget those sugary, bottled drinks and try making a healthier and fresher version at home. By using real loose leaf tea you can create a healthy, low sugar and low calorie drink that can be enjoyed by everyone.

You can make Iced Tea with many different types of iced tea including Black Teas, Green Teas, White Tea, Oolong Teas and Flavoured Teas, you can also make Iced Tea out of Fruit Tisanes, which is a little bit like making your own cordial we like to call it a 'grown up soft drink'!

Although we cannot guarantee a sunny British Summer, we can guarantee that you will enjoy our hand picked teas that we know will make great Iced Tea.Our range of Iced Teas all have basic instructions on how to create a great Iced drink and once you have the basic method you can start to experiment, for example; we have found out that the Apple Vienesse Iced Fruit Tisane tastes great using chilled apple juice instead of water for a naturally sweeter beverage.