Herbal Tea

Herbal tea infusions can be used a pleasant and healthy alternative to tea, as many do not contain caffeine. Herbal infusions are also known as Herbal Tea but as it does not contain the Camellia sinensis plant, it cannot actually be a tea as such. The term 'tisane' can also use used to describe fruit infusions or herbal infusions.

Herbal teas are made from dried flowers, leaf, stem or root. They have a range of health benefits such as; Yerba Mate, one of the few teas which have a caffeine content, is a stimulant and helps concentration. Raspberry leaf tea and Peppermint Herbal Tea which is full of vitamin A, B C and E, known as the 'woman's' tea as it is believed to aid reproductive health. You can view all of our herbal teas on our website.

When it comes to making you feel better, there is nothing more effective then nature. If like many people, you are becoming dissatisfied with relying on prescribed medication for minor ailments can be a healthy alternative. Studies have shown they can help you with loosing weight, give up smoking with, also known to make you feel good and promote a restful nights sleep has been used for centuries before medicine as we know it today was created.

It is important to remember that before trying any new therapy for any illness, to consult your doctor. Some plants and flowers may also contain allergens or an allergic reaction may be caused.

These teas are best brewed for around 5-10 minutes, the longs it is brewed the more goodness is released, uses in water straight off of the boil. The mixing of some to create better flavours can be experimented with for example; Although Milk Thistle Tea is jam packed full of goodness, mixing it with a little mint can create a tea full of goodness and a minty taste.

Why not start your day with a cup of Ginger Honey Milk Herbal Tea, are you wanting to be more healthy, try our popular Dandelion Tea.