Pyramid Tea Bags

Pyramid tea bags were invented in 1996 by the Brooke Bond Tea Company, the design allows much more room inside the pyramid bag than standard square or circular tea bags. This lets more water flow through the tea and gives the tea leaves more room to move and expand, allowing for a more efficient infusion much more akin to a loose leaf tea.


History of the Pyramid Tea Bag

Before Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags, square or rectangular tea bags had been used since the 1940’s. In the 50’s the Lipton Tea company introduced a “flo-thru” tea bag which was a tea bag designed with four sides rather than two. It was designed for brewing tea in mugs rather than cups to give a stronger brew. Finally, came the pyramid bag in the 90’s with a 50% increase in room over a standard flat tea bag.


As with any change, people were initially wary of the new design but the improved flavour of the tea soon made the pyramid bag the preferred shape. Due to the increased space inside pyramid shaped tea bags, whole-leaf tea or much larger pieces of tea leaves can be used. The extra space allows the tea leaves to expand giving a great tasting cup of tea.


It isn’t just the tea bag that is responsible for the flavour. At the end of the day it still comes down to quality of the tea inside the bag. At The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company we only use the finest quality tea inside our pyramid tea bags. We have a selection of fine teas for you to try including, English breakfast Pyramid Tea Bags and Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bags, we also have a selection of green tea in pyramid bags and many other types of tea.