Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bags

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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions


Earl Grey is arguably the most famous Flavoured Tea in the world. Combine its delicious taste with state-of-the-art Pyramid Tea Bags, and one has the perfect match.

This is our Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bags, which boast a robust citrusy-malty fusion of flavour. They also allow for up to 50% extra space in the bag for the leaves to expand and ultimately brew. This creates a heartier beverage well-suited to those who like boldness in their morning cup.

Since 1997, Pyramid Tea Bags have, slowly but surely, been increasing in popularity as studies suggest they are more efficient than their traditional counterparts. These studies have established that the infusion of Tea at both 40 seconds and two minutes into brewing prove more effective when using a Pyramid Tea Bag!

And these are not the only studies to rave about. According to the latest scientific research, Black Teas like Earl Grey can afford protection against numerous chronic conditions. This is because of their prevalence in antioxidants, which can combat free radicals in the body.

But what does this mean for your health? Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bags, when frequently consumed alongside a healthy and active lifestyle, can support wellbeing in a variety of ways. This includes improved cardiovascular health, a boosted metabolism, immune system support and a reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

What is Earl Grey Tea?

This particular beverage is a fusion of Black Tea leaves with bergamot oil. Some blends, including many stocked by us, also use Green Tea leaves as an alternative. Nevertheless, it's the Black Tea blend we're talking about here.

Earl Grey Tea takes its name from the British Prime Minister, Charles Grey, who was in office during the 1830s. Why? According to legend, Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, travelled to China on a diplomatic trip. There, he saved a local boy from drowning in a river.

The boy's father, overcome with gratitude, gifted the Earl with Black Tea leaves scented with bergamot. Eventually, it took on his name - or so the story goes. Despite the fascination around this tale, Earl Grey (the man, not the Tea!) never visited China in his life. For this reason, it remains completely unfounded.

The truth is we don't know why, or even how, this Flavoured Black Tea became known as Earl Grey. Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, however, we like a good mystery! Our factory finds itself in 'The Most Haunted Village of England', Pluckley. Indeed, we're more than used to mysteries here in our home, nestled away in the beautiful Kentish countryside.

This is from where we pack everything fresh to order, which ensures not only quality but also consistency. Because of this, our Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bags are of the finest quality. Why not find out for yourself today?

Useful Information 

Type of Tea: Black Tea.

Origin: China.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water. Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: Milk, sugar, honey or lemon - the choice is yours. Alternatively, serve black.

Tasting Notes: This Tea consists of malty overtones and citrusy undertones.

Colour in Cup: Coppery liquor, dark in tone.

Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Black Tea benefits are real. Indeed, we know about the antioxidants in Earl Grey, but what benefits come from them? A 2015 meta-analysis found that drinking a cup of Tea a day (no matter the type) reduced the risks of developing cancer by 2%.

Those who drank the most Tea, on the other hand, had a 21% lower cancer risk than those who drank none. It's important to note, however, that The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company do not currently endorse the consumption of Tea for this purpose. We nevertheless support ongoing research.

Additional info
  • Type
    Black Tea
  • Health Points
    Health Points
    Immune System, Weight Loss
  • Caffeine Level
    Caffeine Level
  • Options
    Pyramid Bags
  • Time of Day
    Time of Day
    Breakfast, Lunchtime
  • Country
  • Bergamot
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