New Teas this Year

Tea is a crop and from estate to estate, from week to week you can get a different production and quality of tea. We are tasting teas daily, choosing teas going forward. Some Tea Gardens produce good consistent crops and some don't. We sometimes have small batches available and when it is gone its gone.

We do have our favourite tea estates that we like to support annually. One in particular is the Behora Tea Estate in Assam because of our family links to the Garden, Grandfather Mr Robert Stammers was on the estate from the mid 1920's through to the late 1950's when he was ultimately manager.

The standard tea growing season starts in the spring when first flush teas appear. Following on you have the mid seasons teas of June / July and the autumnal teas that follow. These Teas are shipped to Europe and find their way to Pluckley for packing.

We are constantly working on new Flavoured Teas and new Healthy Tea Blends ! Every year we introduce around 100 new teas. This section New Teas is where our teas first appear, so it is a great idea to bookmark the page.

This year we have added a great range of Matcha Teas and lots of new single estate Assam Tea. Our Garden of England Tea has become a real favourite, a gorgeous blend Black and Green Teas scented with Blackcurrant. Some unusual teas include our Sencha Seaweed Wakame Green Tea and the very interesting Kombucha Plum Green Tea. The world of tea! always something new on the horizon.

We are always listening to customers and welcome suggestions of teas to add to our range.