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When you choose to set up a Subscription for a regular delivery of Tea or Coffee you will automatically receive a 10% discount on the lifetime of your subscription, this discount is applied automatically. You can choose the frequency of your orders from 1 month up to 3 months.

You can manage your subscription by logging into your account where you can change the date of your next order, add or remove products or even cancel a subscription at anytime.



If just one cup of tea (or coffee!) isn’t enough; if even two, maybe three, maybe twenty cups won’t cut it, then our £50 Gift Voucher might be the choice for you. Spread the love around the kitchen table and share with your friends and family our fine selection of teas, tisanes, and coffees. All of this and more can be discovered with a £50 Gift Voucher brought to you by The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

Choose Green, Black, White, or Oolong Tea. Choose a Matcha; choose a Herbal; choose a brew you have never heard of before. Perhaps go with a Colombian Coffee, or a Rwandan, or a Jamaican Blue Mountain. Whatever you need to get you up in the morning can be found right here. And it all starts with a £50 Gift Voucher.

But if not for yourself, why not consider this voucher, instead, for a loved one? In times of worry and stress, nothing says you care more than putting the kettle on. Now, imagine how many times the kettle could be put on with £50 to spend at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Could there be a better gift than that?

We are a business of family values lovingly cultivated over three generations. In many ways, our story began in the 1920’s when Mr Robert Stammers and his wife Mrs Madeline Stammers, grandfather and grandmother of our present owner, Richard Smith, travelled to India to begin a career as Tea planters spanning thirty years of their lives. Their daughter, Janet Smith, who continues to work for the company today, then married Mr Malcolm Smith, together managing one of India’s largest tea plantation companies based in Calcutta.

And when they returned to England in the late 1970’s, the baton was passed to our present owner, who established The Kent Tea and Trading Company in 1982.

Decades of hard work and determination have seen our company develop. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we are especially proud of our teas and coffees, which will likely come as little surprise. But now the choice is yours. Begin your journey today with a £50 Gift Voucher.

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