Pluckley Tea

Is our own Special Kentish Blend of Tea ! A good strong cup of Cha!


When the Smith family returned from India in the late 1970's we arrived in the most haunted village of Pluckley. The family connections to Tea had people soon asking us, can you supply us some tea. So we got blending and soon had tea for sale in the local store. To start with we operated from home, having tea bags packed for us into tea chests of ten thousand tea bags, we then counted out by hand into either 40 or 80 Tea Bag packs. Soon our first tea bag machine was acquired and true production started.


This did not impress certain family members as industrial machinery in the house created the wrong ambience, so Mother had us leave to an industrial building on the nearby business estate – Pivington Mill. That was in 1982.


Since then Pluckley Tea has remained our flagship day to day tea. These days based on a blend of teas from Assam Tea in India and Kenyan Tea from East Africa. Our factory / shop is based in an old wartime Flax Mill and an enormous Dutch Barn. We pack Pluckley Tea into many different pack sizes of tea bags, we also sell Pluckley  Loose Tea.

Enjoy the Spirit of Pluckley Tea !