Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee

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Canterbury is the home of the iconic Canterbury Cathedral, the Saint and renowned late Archbishop Thomas Becket, the end of the Pilgrims Way walk from Winchester and Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. It is now also home to our remarkable Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee, a blend first made for a restaurant within the beautiful Kentish city.

However, it is not just popular in Canterbury - far from it in fact. Today, our Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee is enjoyed around the world as a rich, smooth blend of Central and South American Original Coffees, all of which are perfectly balanced in flavour, aroma and character.

Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which is a growing network of farmers, foresters, communities, scientists, governments, environmentalists and businesses - including The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company - dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods within the Coffee Industry.

The Rainforest Alliance has done much good in the world of Coffee. It is an international non-profit organisation taking momentous steps in building strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes and flourishing communities through creative, pragmatic collaboration. The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company accommodate many Coffees certified by the Rainforest Alliance, our Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee being just one of them. Others include our Guatemalan Rainforest Alliance Coffee, our Brazilian Rainforest Alliance Coffee and our El Salvador Rainforest Alliance Coffee, among numerous more.

By choosing a Rainforest Alliance Coffee such as Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee, one is choosing to support our planet at this uncertain time. It is already known that 123,000 acres of forest are lost daily; 134 million metric tons of greenhouse gases are emitted daily; and that 80% of deforestation is caused from agriculture, so the time is now to act, and one can do just that with a Rainforest Alliance Coffee.

In Central America, in particular, The Rainforest Alliance has partnered with forest and farming communities, governments, and companies to conserve critically essential forests and cultivate sustainable livelihoods. Today, this astounding organisation, one we are immensely proud to work closely with, conduct training, certification and verification in 76 countries around the world.

As consumers, we all have outstanding power to advance sustainable land-use and business practices within the Coffee Industry. One can choose to support The Rainforest Alliance by donating, or by selecting one of our Rainforest Alliance-certified Coffees such as Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee. The Rainforest Alliance and organisations like it have been entrusted with the future of our planet. Support them today with our Canterbury Espresso Roast Coffee and make a difference while enjoying your morning brew.

Origin: El Salvador and Brazil (Rainforest Alliance Certified).

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