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How do you like your coffee, select your grind.

Available as Wholebeans - Ground Medium Fine for filter machines - Ground Coarse for Cafetieres
Ground Fine for use in Espresso Machines.

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Mocha Coffee originates from Ethiopia, Africa. It belongs to the very first chapter of Coffee’s history as Ethiopia was where Coffee was discovered over 1,000 years ago. This particular Ethiopian Coffee is medium-roasted to perfection, giving rise to smoothness and strong gamey notes. Sometimes, Mocha Coffee is used to provide a smooth edge in Espresso Roasts, and indeed we use it in our most popular Espresso Coffees.

But for those less interested in Coffee Blends and more interested in Single Origin Coffees, our Mocha Coffee is the choice for you. All of our Coffees, including Mocha Coffee, are roasted using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the beans.

This kind of technology promotes the best taste from your morning cup. Our Mocha Coffee delivers in that sense, while also being a beverage of unparalleled renown. Mocha Coffees are some of the most popular Coffees in the world, and our very own Mocha Coffee is no exception. Both traditionalists and more liberal-minded Coffee connoisseurs enjoy this brew. Now, it’s your turn.

Unlike the discovery of Tea, which is - or at least according to legend - credited to an ancient Chinese Emperor, Coffee has somewhat more amusing origins. Though no significant historical records exist, the common belief is that Coffee was discovered not by man, but by a goat.

Folklore suggests that a goat herder named Kaldi, who lived around 850 CE, witnessed his animals grazing on an unknown plant one day, their energy levels boosted as they jumped and pranced around their pasture. Intrigued, Kaldi decided to try the berries from the plant himself, eventually feeling the same sense of elation.

Stuffing his pockets with the berries, Kaldi returned home to inform his wife of his discovery, who in turn advised him to seek council with the monks in the monastery near Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile River. There, Kaldi presented the chief monk with the berries as he recounted the story of how he stumbled upon them. However, the monk was less than enthusiastic, exclaiming it to be the work of the Devil.

The monk discarded the berries in a fire to ward off the evil spirits, but within minutes, the room filled with the aroma of roasting beans. He called in the other monks to examine his findings, eventually retrieving the beans from the fire and crushing them to extinguish the embers. That night, the grains were placed in an ewer and covered with hot water.

The brew was consumed by all of the monks, who vowed to drink it daily to keep them awake during their nightly devotions. But whether there is any truth to the tale is a topic of inconsiderable debate among historians to this day. Some argue that Ethiopians monks had long chewed the Coffee berries as a stimulant, perhaps even centuries before Kaldi’s - or more specifically, his goats’ - discovery. Alas, we will never know for sure, although no one can deny it makes a great story. One way or another, it gave rise to Ethiopian Coffee, then Coffee throughout the world.

Mocha Coffees are arguably the most popular Coffees to come from Ethiopia. Others include Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee and Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee, which both come from the Yirgacheffe and Sidamo regions of Ethiopia respectively. We stock both of these Coffees, as well as our Mocha Coffee. Which one is your favourite? Try all three and compare! We recommend starting right here with our Mocha Coffee.

Origin: Ethiopia, Africa.

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