Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva

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Our Mexican Terruno Nayarita Coffee is grown surrounding the extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, just west of Tepic, the capital of the Mexican state of Nayarit. The unique soils of the area impart many of the unique characteristics known in Mexican Terruno Nayarita Coffee Bean.

The name of this coffee, particularly “Terruño”, means “my land”, which is used to identify coffees of smallholder cooperative coffee farmers. Mexican Terruno Nayarita Coffee is, in many ways, the epitome of rural Mexican culture and very much supports those who are a part of it.

But for those who are here for taste and taste alone, you shan’t be disappointed. Mexican Terruno Nayarita Coffee offers a rich, velvety body, bright acidity, and sweet, floral notes with every sip. Many have also likened the taste of this brew to mixed berries and almonds, but perhaps best of all, every single bean (and we mean every last one) is quality assured. It rarely gets better than Mexican Terruno Nayarita Coffee. 

Coffee was first introduced to Mexico in the 18th Century when the Spanish brought plants over from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Its commercial success was not cemented immediately but, in fact, decades later when German and Italian immigrants relocated from Guatemala and other Central American countries.

Today not only is Mexico one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world but is also one of the largest producers of organic coffee beans, accounting for around 60% of world production in 2000.

Unsurprisingly, coffee is one of Mexico’s most lucrative exports and close to half a million small farmers and their family rely on the crop to sustain them. Buying Mexican Terruno Nayarita Coffee ensures their continuing stability.

In reality, Mexico’s Coffee Industry needs your help. Although 4.5 million bags of coffee are, on average, exported from Mexico every year, the country is still struggling with significant challenges. In the last half-decade alone, some farms have lost 70% of their anticipated harvest due to many unfortunate factors.

Yet hope is on the horizon as Mexico’s topography, soil conditions (like those of the Cerro San Juan area), climate, and altitude all contribute to its ability to produce top-quality coffee.

Choosing The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company is choosing to aid those in need, helping to bolster fair trade and support the growth of coffee-growing communities. Do “your bit” today while also treating your taste buds. Moreover, some scientists have even suggested there might be health benefits to be had from consuming coffee. Who knows what the future might bring?

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