Nicaraguan Coffee

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Available as Wholebeans - Ground Medium Fine for filter machines - Ground Coarse for Cafetieres
Ground Fine for use in Espresso Machines.

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Perhaps Nicaragua isn’t the first country one thinks of when it comes to Coffee. But it should be, especially with our extraordinarily unique Nicaraguan Coffee. In recent years, Nicaragua has developed gourmet Coffees to great success. Sustainable farming methods produce clean, bright, crisp Coffees with a great body, which in turn produces high demand.

Nicaraguan Coffee is the brew of choice for those wishing to break free from convention. While Colombian and Brazilian Coffees boast renown, our Nicaraguan Coffee boasts sublime difference. In a world of “same-old-same-old”, this brew refuses to play by the rules! It is definitely worth a try.

And like all of our Coffees, Nicaraguan Coffee is roasted using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the beans. But what does this mean for your morning brew? It ensures both quality and consistency. Furthermore, freshness is likewise guaranteed as all of our Coffees, as well as our Teas and Tisanes, are packed fresh to order here in our Kent-based factory.

Still uncertain whether Nicaraguan Coffee is for you? Let’s explore. The reason most people do not immediately associate Nicaragua with Coffee is owing mostly to its Industry only recently resurfacing after decades of turmoil. Until the 1970’s, Nicaragua was seen as one of the best producers of Coffee in Latin America; however, a series of natural disasters and political upheavals led to its eventual decline.

In 1972, a major earthquake caused significant damage, particularly within Nicaragua's agricultural sector. Then, during the late 1970s, Nicaragua’s President and dictator, Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza Debayle, was overthrown by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), leading to uncertain times, while also causing further issues for the Nicaraguan Coffee Industry.

This wasn’t over, either. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch caused tremendous damage to the Nicaraguan infrastructure and economy. It’s only been in the last ten years that Coffees from Nicaragua have again risen from obscurity. Nevertheless, the Industry is making up for lost time despite it only accounting for just 1.4% of the world’s Coffee as of present. Is this set to change? We hope so as Nicaraguan Coffee is a Coffee to believe in. But why?

Coffee is one of the most vital exports of Nicaragua, with Coffee-growing areas including Jinotega, Esteli, Nueva Segovia, Matagalpa and Madriz, all of which export worldwide through Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Nearly two-thirds of the Coffee crop comes from the northern part of the central highlands, as well as in the area north and east of the town of Esteli.

Only Arabica Bean Coffees grow in Nicaragua, most commonly at altitudes above 800 metres (2,500 feet). High-grown Coffees tend to take longer to mature, resulting in dense, more consistent, as well as more flavoursome, beans. “Flavoursome” is one word used to describe our very own Nicaraguan Coffee, along with “moreish” and “unputdownable”.

Origin: Nicaragua, Central America.