Welcome to Manchester, the third most visited city in the UK after London and Edinburgh. This much-loved destination, located in Greater Manchester, England, is notable for its architecture, cultural, music, media, scientific output, sports clubs and transport connections.

It finds itself near the Cheshire Plain to the south, as well as the Pennines to the north and east. When it comes to having the best Afternoon Tea in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find some of the nicest cafes, restaurants and hotels around to enjoy all of your favourite treats.

The history of Manchester began during the Roman times when a fort was established nearby called “Mancunium”. During the Middle Ages, Manchester was a manorial township, later expanding at a rapid rate throughout the 1800s.

This development was in part due to a boom in textile manufacture, which, in turn, was brought about by the Industrial Revolution. By 1853, Manchester had achieved city status, and went on to become the world’s first industrialised city. Indeed, it has rarely stopped growing and thriving since!

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