Welcome to Berkshire, a county of historic origin, a ceremonial county and a non-metropolitan county. It borders Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Greater London, Surrey, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Since 1867, the county town has been Reading. All of the area is drained by the famous River Thames. To the south are some of the highest lands found anywhere in South East England. To the north, there is the beautiful Berkshire Downs.

Berkshire has hosted many a famous battle over the course of its history. During the reign of Alfred the Great, there were the Battles of Englefield, Ashdown and Reading.

During the English Civil War, it was the site of the First and Second Battles of Newbury. Later, during the Glorious Revolution, another Battle of Reading took place, resulting in a decisive victory for William of Orange.

In 1974, Berkshire’s boundaries changed, which saw it take over administration of both Slough and Eton. The northern part of the county became part of Oxfordshire, with Faringdon, Wantage and Abingdon ‘crossing’ the border.

Nevertheless, it remains a great place to visit, boasting many Afternoon Tea Berkshire establishments to stop for lunch.