This beautiful county lies in the south east of England and is home to many outstanding Afternoon Tea Kent venues. The area borders East Sussex to the southwest, Surrey to the west and Greater London to the north-west. The county town is Maidstone.

Kent is a quintessentially English location – and there is nothing more quintessentially English than Afternoon Tea in Kent. Other features that make it so loved include Canterbury Cathedral, Leeds Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Julius Caesar first landed in Kent in 55 BC. The area also played a significant role in the Norman Conquest during the 11th century AD. Throughout the First and Second World Wars, Kent’s coast was a beacon of hope for Allied soldiers fighting in Europe.

Today, a person born on the east side of the river Medway is a Man/Maid of Kent. Someone born on the west side, on the other hand, is known as a Kentish Man/Maid.

Whether you’re in Ashford or Whitstable; Tenterden or Rochester, there is undoubtedly a place nearby to stop for Afternoon Tea. This is the county, after all, that provides Wimbledon with its strawberries. It’s also home to The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, which supplies countless Afternoon Tea venues in Kent.

Find Afternoon Tea in Kent

If you are unsure where you would like to go for afternoon tea in and around Kent, we have made some suggestions below. When having afternoon tea in the Garden of England, there is so much to choose, from a traditional village setting to a modern location to tearooms on the seafront.

We have many tearooms thought Kent, we are sure you will find the perfect one for you.