Welcome to Surrey, a county in South East England famed for its outstanding beauty. The area borders Kent, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and Greater London. It has the highest proportion of woodland within any county in England, known for its large, protected green spaces.

This includes the North Downs and Greensand Ridge. When it comes to settlements, including those boasting Afternoon Tea Surrey establishments, there are plenty well worth visiting.

Guildford is largely considered the county town – despite the fact that Kingston-upon-Thames hosts the Surrey County Council. Other sizable settlements include Ashford (not to be confused with the Kentish town of the same name), Epsom, Farnham, Staines and Redhill.

Each of these lovely locations, and, indeed, many more, offer the chance of tucking into an Afternoon Tea in Surrey. What more could you want from a fun-filled day out?