Welcome to Devon (also known as Devonshire), a strikingly beautiful county and much-loved tourist destination situated in South West England.

The area extends from the Bristol Channel in the north to the English Channel in the south. It is also bounded by Cornwall to the west, Somerset to the northeast and Dorset to the east.

When it comes to having an Afternoon Tea in Devon, most will be familiar with the “cream-first-then-jam” rule for scones – the opposite to that of its Cornish neighbour. From the county town of Exeter to the port city of Plymouth (and everything in-between), you’re bound to find an excellent place to enjoy lunch!

The name “Devon” derives from the Brythonic kingdom of Dumnoia, which existed from the late 4th century to the late 8th century. The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain eventually brought about the creation of the Kingdom of Wessex.

This was followed by Devon becoming a shire of the Kingdom of England. Today, of course, most know (and love) this county for its rugged wilderness, seaside resorts, fishing towns and Afternoon Tea Devon establishments.