Welcome to Hertfordshire (often known as Herts), a beautiful, bustling county in southern England. The area is north of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, east of Essex, south of Greater London and west of Buckinghamshire.

Its largest towns include Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage and Watford, while St. Albans is the only city. The county town, meanwhile, is Herford. Having an Afternoon Tea in Hertfordshire makes for the perfect pastime. Why not enjoy one today?

Archaeological evidence indicates that humans have lived in present-day Hertfordshire for around 350,000 years – long before Britain became an island. The first permanent settlements likely appeared around 12,000 years ago and continued through the Neolithic period.

Although occupied, the area had a relatively low population until the Bronze and Iron ages. It later hosted a Celtic tribe called the Catuvellauni, followed by the Romans.

The Kingdoms of Mercia and Essex were formed in parts of Hertfordshire following the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. The county’s true origins, however, lie in the 10th century when Edward the Elder established two burhs (fortifications) in Hertford in 912 and 913, respectively.

After the Norman Conquest, the Domesday Book of 1086 listed 168 settlements in Hertfordshire. Interestingly, the first draft of the Magna Carta was written at St Albans Abbey in 1213.

There is, of course, much more to the county’s remarkable history. Why not visit and find out more for yourself? Moreover, once you’ve worked up an appetite, stopping at an Afternoon Tea Hertfordshire establishment is an excellent choice.