Have you ever thought about having an Afternoon Tea in Aylesbury? If so, great choice! This is the county town of Buckinghamshire, located in South East England.

One of its most popular places of interest is that of the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery. There is also, of course, the option of stopping in an Afternoon Tea Aylesbury establishment for a cuppa with cake. Why not do both?

Evidence suggests that humans have inhabited this area for at least a thousand years. In fact, an Iron Age hill fort was unearthed near the town centre in 1985! This alone dates back to the 4th century, with suggestions made that Aylesbury was a vital stronghold for the ancient Britons. It would go on to become a major market town in Anglo-Saxon times and the county town under Henry VIII.

During the English Civil War, the Battle of Aylesbury was a momentous victory for Parliamentarian forces. Centuries later, in 1963, it was here that the culprits responsible for the Great Train Robbery were tried. Nowadays, however, things have started to quieten down somewhat! As such, a peaceful Afternoon Tea in Aylesbury makes for an excellent pastime.