Buckingham is a town situated in Buckinghamshire, England. Despite the name, it is no longer the county town; that title belongs to Aylesbury. Nevertheless, having an Afternoon Tea in Buckingham is an excellent choice. Simply venture down the high street and find a venue that suits your wants and needs. There are, indeed, plenty to choose from!

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This area finds itself near the borders of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. Evidence suggests that humans have lived here since at least the Roman times, with several historical sites unearthed nearby.

By the 17th century, the Anglo-Saxons gave the settlement its present-day name, which literally means “meadow of Bucca’s people”. Over the next few centuries, Buckingham frequently changed hands between the Saxons and the Danes.

In 1725, a fire destroyed much of the town, resulting in significant reconstruction during the mid to late Georgian era. Today, however, its spirit is alive and kicking. Why not find out for yourself today? There is never a bad time to stop by at an Afternoon Tea Buckingham establishment!