You’ve arrived in Olney, a market town located in Buckinghamshire, South East England. It lies on the River Great Ouse, very close to the county borders with Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Nearby settlements include Northampton, Bedford and Milton Keynes. However, you don’t have to venture that far to enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Olney.

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The earliest records of Olney, then known as “Ollanege”, date back to 932 CE. During this time, the area was a significant lace-making centre. Centuries later, it was here that William Cowper and John Newton collaborated on what would become the Olney Hymns.

Arguably most famous, however, is the pancake race that has been held since 1445. The story goes that a housewife, upon hearing the church bells, dashed out of her home, frying pan in hand.

Such was the spectacle, it seems, that it eventually became a tradition! If this isn’t to your taste, there is always the option of visiting an Afternoon Tea Olney establishment instead.