Having an Afternoon Tea in Brighton and Hove is an excellent choice. This area is a seaside city in East Sussex, although most know “Brighton” and “Hove” as separate entities.

Nevertheless, Brighton and Hove as a whole formed a unitary authority in 1996, followed by becoming a city in 2001. Collectively, it is thought to be England’s most populous seaside resort.

Brighton, in particular, began as a small Saxon village called Brighthelmstone. The first settlement in present-day Hove, meanwhile, was established around the 12th century CE.

Unfortunately, in 1514, a fleet of French raiders burned Brighthelmstone to the ground. It was soon rebuilt; however, the French attacked it again in 1545!

Rapid growth during the 19th century saw Brighton and Hove become the flourishing area known and loved today. Tourists now come from far and wide to relax on its beautiful beaches and wander down its iconic pier.

After working up an appetite, the chances are that famished visitors stop in an Afternoon Tea Brighton venue, too! Now, it’s your turn!