You’ve arrived in Crowborough, an East Sussex town situated in the Weald. It lies at the edge of the famous Ashdown Forest, some 7 miles away from Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Other places of interest include Brighton, Crawley and Lewes. Try not to venture too far, however. After all, there is nothing quite like an Afternoon Tea in Crowborough!

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Over the course of many centuries, the name of this town has had several spellings. Among them are “Crohbergh”, “Croweborowghe”, “Crowbarrow” and “Crowboro”. Much of its development took place after the arrival of the railway in 1868.

It later became the home of Sir Arthur Conon Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes novels. Other noteworthy residents at one time or another include Doctor Who actor Tom Baker and investigative journalist Ross Kemp.

Visitors might want to start their day here by wandering through nearby Ashdown Forest. The area is protected for its ecological importance and was the setting of A.A.

Milne’s stories about Winnie-the-Pooh. Alternately, you could venture up to the highest point in the town and enjoy the breathtaking views. Just be sure to find time to stop in an Afternoon Tea Crowborough establishment once you’ve worked up an appetite!