Is it time you had an Afternoon Tea in Andover? The short answer is a resounding yes! This town finds itself nestled within the beautiful Hampshire countryside in South East England.

It lies on the River Anton, some 18 miles from Basingstoke, 15 miles from Winchester and 25 miles from Southampton. A fun day out here is all but guaranteed – with the option of stopping for a nice, hot brew with cake! Now who honestly wouldn’t want that?

The first historical records of Andover date back to 950 CE when King Edred built a royal hunting lodge. Just over 10 years later, in 962, it was here that King Edgar called a meeting of the Saxon ‘parliament’ (the Witenagemot).

Decades later, in 994, Andover was the site where a Viking king named Olaf was baptised. This was part of a deal with King Ethelred II of England whereby he stopped ravaging the country and returned home. Good news, huh?

For centuries, Andover remained a quiet market town with a thriving wool industry. During the First World War, RAF Andover opened nearby, which went on to have a significant influence on the area.

The first British military helicopter unit was formed here in January 1945, coinciding with the last months of the Second World War. Now, you can soak up its rich history before or after stopping at an Afternoon Tea Andover venue for lunch.