Have you thought about having an Afternoon Tea in Oxford? If so, this university city, located in Oxfordshire, England, is a great choice when it comes to cuppas and cake.

The area lies about 30 miles from Reading, 50 miles from London and 60 miles from Birmingham. It is most famously the home of the University of Oxford, the oldest of its kind in the English-speaking world.

Written records and archaeological evidence indicate that the Anglo-Saxons first settled in this area, dubbing it “Oxenaforda”, meaning “ford of the oxen”.

This is because, in 900 CE, inhabitants had established a river crossing for their livestock. By the 10th century, Oxford became a vital military frontier against the invading Danes. It was also damaged during the Norman Invasion of 1066.

Oxford first gained significant renown through its charter granted by King Henry II. Most famous, however, was the establishment of the University of Oxford, first mentioned in 12th-century records.

Hundreds of years later, during the English Civil War, Parliamentarian forces launched the siege of Oxford against the Royalist defenders. This resulted in a victory for the roundheads. By 1844, the arrival of the railway saw a new, modern age dawn throughout the city.

Today, Oxford’s most prominent industries include motor manufacturing, publishing, information technology, science and, of course, education.

What’s more, and perhaps more importantly, tourism is thriving. Indeed, there is much to do here, including visiting an Afternoon Tea Oxford establishment. The time has come, it seems, for you to find out for yourself!