Welcome to Truro, a city and the county town of Cornwall, South West England. The area has long maintained its reputation as a centre for administration, leisure and retail.

When it comes to having an Afternoon Tea in Truro, the good news is that there’s a plethora of choice. Why not discover its potential today by stopping to indulge in sandwiches, scones and cake? Just don’t forget the cuppa!

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Mainland Britain’s southernmost city, Truro owes much of its early development to the mining industry. It initially began as a permanent settlement during the Norman times, transforming into a vital port trading in tin and copper by the 14th century.

The English Civil War of the mid-1600s saw locals siding with the royalist cause, although they were eventually defeated by Parliamentarian troops.

Truro prospered during the Victorian era, eventually being dubbed “the London of Cornwall”. Despite the decline of the mining industry, it remains a tourist hot spot. Today, it boasts a multitude of fashionable shops, restaurants and, of course, Afternoon Tea Truro venues.