Welcome to Newbury, a lovely market town located in Berkshire, England. The area is home to the administrative headquarters of West Berkshire. However, it indeed has much more to offer.

The town boasts a market square that has retained a rare medieval Cloth Hall, as well as other historic gems. This includes an adjoining half-timber granary, the 15th century St Nicolas Church, and several 17th- and 18th-century listed buildings. Why not have an Afternoon Tea in Newbury, too?

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Newbury finds itself 26 miles from Oxford, 25 miles from Winchester, 27 miles from Swindon and 20 miles from Reading. Historically, it was established following the Norman conquest of the 11th century.

However, there is also evidence to suggest a settlement existed here during the Mesolithic era. During the English Civil War, the first and second Battles of Newbury took place in the area. By 1644, the fierce fighting had seen the famous Donnington Castle reduced to a ruin.

Today, these castle ruins can be visited by venturing north of Newbury. Venture south, meanwhile, and you’ll come to Highclere Castle. This structure has a close association with Canadian history. Indeed, it was here that the British North America Act of 1867 was signed.

Most today, however, note it for being the setting for “Downton Abbey”. Whatever you decide to do with your time, be sure to stop in an Afternoon Tea Newbury venue for lunch!