You’d be hard-pressed to find a more ironic, quintessentially English landscape than that surrounding the town of Dover, Kent. Why not make the most of your time here by visiting one of many Afternoon Tea Dover venues? This coastal town famously looks out to France across the Strait of Dover. It is a major ferry port between the UK and Europe.

The White Cliffs of Dover have long attracted visitors by their thousands every year. Throughout history, many have considered them the first line of defence against invasion.

During the Second World War, their chalky facade became a beacon of hope for Allied soldiers. Other popular destinations include Dover Castle, the Secret Wartime Tunnels and South Foreland Lighthouse.

Today, however, there is much more to Dover than sightseeing. There is also, of course, Afternoon Tea in Dover! If you fancy tucking into some scrumptious scones or quality Tea, there are several establishments in Dover offering just that. If you can find a table with a nice view of the vast English Channel, then that’s better still!