Sandwich is a historic town in Kent, England. It sits near the River Stour in the non-metropolitan district of Dover. Once one of the renowned Cinque Ports, Sandwich is now a popular tourist destination.

Come here and enjoy one of many Afternoon Tea Sandwich venues. Pour yourself a cuppa, bite into a scone, and maybe even tuck into a sandwich or two!

The area surrounding present-day Sandwich was once the landing place of the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43. Centuries later, in 1216, Prince Louis of France also landed here during the First Barons’ War against King John.

In 1217, the Battle of Sandwich occurred just off the coast. During World War One, Sandwich was vital as a transit location for troops heading to Ypres.

Today, Sandwich Bay is home to flourishing nature reserves, as well as two world-class golf courses. While most famous for being the name behind everyone’s favourite bread snack, the town has much more to offer. This, of course, includes an Afternoon Tea in Sandwich.