Tonbridge is a town that lies on the River Medway in Kent, England. 4 miles away is Royal Tunbridge Wells, 12 miles away is Maidstone and 29 miles away is London.

You will undoubtedly find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. However, there is nothing quite like an Afternoon Tea in Tonbridge. What could be better than a cuppa with cake on your day out here?

In the 1087 Domesday Book, Tonbridge went by the name “Tonebrige”. It later changed to “Tunbridge”, which stuck for centuries until 1870. Eventually, it became known by its current name in part due to the confusion with nearby Tunbridge Wells. It’s worth noting, however, that Tonbridge is, in fact, a much older settlement!

Interestingly, Tonbridge was where the first speeding fine was handed out in the UK. The guilty driver was a Mr Walter Arnold. In 1896, he was fined one shilling for speeding at 8 miles per hour! Why the ‘hurry’, you might ask? Perhaps Mr Walter, like you, wanted to find an Afternoon Tea Tonbridge venue for a scone or two?