The beautiful town of Godalming, located in Surrey, South East England, has much to offer visitors from far and wide. It has won numerous awards, including being, in 2006, the fourth-best area of the UK in which to live.

Although a predominantly residential settlement, there are a handful of excellent places to get an Afternoon Tea in Godalming. If this is to your taste, you’ve chosen exceptionally well. Pick an establishment that suits your needs from the list below.

Godalming has a rich history dating back to Saxon times. Following the Norman invasion of England, it was held by William the Conqueror himself.

Centuries later, during the era of the stagecoach, Godalming became a popular stopping point between London and Portsmouth. Around this time, one of its residents, James Oglethorpe, founded the British colony of Georgia – now a US state.

The town has since maintained close ties with its American cousins, many of whom journey ‘across the pond’ to visit. During their stay, as you will find yourself, stopping at an Afternoon Tea Godalming venue makes for the perfect pastime!