Welcome to Guildford, a large town in Surrey, England, some 27 miles from London. This is one of the most famous areas of the county. It boasts several places to get a deliciously indulgent Afternoon Tea in Guildford, with each one having something unique to offer.

Explore the high street. Perhaps pop into a shop or two. And once you’ve worked up an appetite, treat yourself to a cuppa with scones!

Historically, people have lived around what is today Guildford for thousands of years. However, the town itself has slightly more recent Saxon roots. From 978 until part-way through the early Norman era, it was, in fact, the location of the Royal Mint.

One of the most significant moments in its development, however, came in 1653 with the completion of the Wey Navigation. This allowed Guildford businesses to access the Thames at Weybridge by boat, ultimately increasing prosperity.

Since then, Guildford remains as popular and active as ever. Although technological advancements have since replaced large swathes of the boating industry, this has done little to change the town’s allure. Why not make the most of your time here by visiting an Afternoon Tea Guildford establishment?