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Brewing instructions

Brewed with water at 90 Degrees, let the flower unfurl do not remove flower. This is can be steeped a number of times.

Brewing instructions


Nothing says togetherness more than gathering with loved ones around a kitchen table and discovering our Coffee Hamper. Brimming with divine delights, you’ll receive a beautiful wicker holder with Colombian Coffee, Ethiopian Mocha, Italian Roast and Indian Monsoon Malabar. Each variety has something special, indeed unique, to offer casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. 

Coffee Lovers Hamper Includes

The Coffee selection in the hamper has been carefully chosen to reflect the expansive range we stock. These we create using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transference to roast the beans. We then pack them fresh to order here at our Kent-based factory, where we’re proud to be the best Coffee Hamper UK suppliers around. 

Colombian Coffee 227g

This particular infusion boasts renown much like Loose Leaf Tea from China and Wine from France. In other words, it is the best you can get. It is an alluring medium-roasted Coffee of the finest calibre, offering well-balanced flavours with a mesmerising sweet aroma. Deep, rich and strong, Colombian Coffee is for those who prefer a hearty brew first thing in the morning. 

Ethiopian Mocha 227g

The original home of Coffee, Ethiopia in East Africa continues to impress when it comes to its Beans. Mocha, in particular, is a type from the Harrar region known for its gamey flavour with distinct wine-like qualities - a match made in heaven. It is also a popular choice for making Turkish Coffee, another option worth considering alongside your Ground Coffee Gift Hamper

Italian Roast Coffee 227g

The term “Italian Coffee” refers to a method used to make Coffee at high heat, resulting in sweet, syrupy and nutty notes with a floral, perfumed aroma. Accompanying these flavours are undertones of peanut butter and butterscotch. Why not try it with our equally sought after French Roast when buying our Coffee Bean Lovers Hamper to compare the two? 

Indian Monsoon Malabar 227g

This is a rare gem. While people have argued in the past that Indian Coffee is inferior, our Indian Monsoon Malabar is, unmistakably, the exception to the rule. Beans from India’s Malabar region are exposed to damp monsoon air for several months, causing them to swell and lose their acidity. When brewed, it has a truly delectable sweetness with spicy notes.

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  1. Great quality and perfect for gifting

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  2. PerfectI purchased the hamper as a gift , beautiful presentation . ideal present. All 4 coffee blend perfectly grounded as requested , all 4 Blends lovely , Thanks

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  3. The coffee hamper selection was presented in a lovely wicker hamper - perfect as a gift. Good selection of coffees covering a wide spectrum of strength and origins. Something for everyone, and some unusual choices to try.

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  4. Lovely packaging and smelt divine

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