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Happy Brewing from the team at Kent & Sussex

We have over 800 different types of Teas and Coffees to fill your cup

Brewing instructions

Our Stainless Tea Mesh Infuser provides an easy and effective way to brew Loose Leaf Tea. Whether you prefer Green, Black, White, Oolong, Fruit or Herbal, this Infuser suits all types of Tea.

The name of this product says it all: stainless steel means guaranteed quality, while a mesh-style iTeapot Mesh Infuser ensures efficiency every time. Like all of our products, we carefully select only the best, our Stainless Steel Mesh Infuser being no exception.

To use this Infuser, simply place the Loose Leaf Tea of choice inside, reseal, then put it into a cup or mug. Finally, pour hot water into the cup or mug and allow the Tea to steep (be sure to check the brewing instructions for each Tea as they differ from beverage to beverage). Once enough time has passed, which very much depends on the type of Tea, remove the Stainless Steel Mesh Infuser. All that is left then is to enjoy one’s cup of Tea! And yes, it is as simple as that!

However, one question begs: why choose Loose Leaf when Tea Bags are so much easier? For many, the reason is taste. According to Tea connoisseurs around the world, Loose Leaf Tea has an enhanced flavour when compared to Tea Bags. Notes are described as stronger, aromas more potent - this is why our Stainless Steel Teapot Mesh Infuser and other Infusers like it, are so popular.

Legend has it that an ancient Chinese Emperor named Shennong discovered Tea some 5,000 years ago. During this time, Tea Bags, unsurprisingly so, did not exist. In fact, when put next to the entirety of the history of Tea, the truth is that Tea Bags are a pretty new invention.

Loose Leaf Tea is for the traditionalists. It is the choice for those who enjoy a heartier brew, and who like the “good ol’ days” of Tea brewing! We offer you the chance to join in with our Stainless Steel Mesh Infuser, after which you can decide on one of our 1,000 types of Tea here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

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  1. Very large but good, mesh quite large so a some bits of tea escape.

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  2. This product is good and makes cleaning the teapot easier after use, but the rooibos leaves are so small that I still have to use a nylon mesh tea strainer when pouring tea from the pot.

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