Flavoured Black Tea Selection 5 x 50g

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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions


Our Flavoured Black Tea Selection 5 x 50g showcases some of the finest quality flavoured Teas we stock. Although we have many more waiting to be discovered, these are our most popular. This selection includes Orange Black Tea, Violet Black Tea, Arctic Fire Black Tea, Ginseng Black Tea and finally Papaya, Guava and Mango Black Tea. We pack each one fresh to order.

Contrary to popular belief, Flavoured Teas are far from a new invention. In fact, they are indeed older than Black Tea! The first known varieties used Green Tea leaves many thousands of years ago. Additions during this time included nuts, berries and other plant leaves.

Black Tea, on the other hand, only came into existence during the Chinese Qing dynasty (1644-1912 CE). The first known Black Tea was Lapsang Souchong. Now, however, you can enjoy the combined tasting notes of Flavoured Teas and Black Teas with this very selection.

Orange Tea

This infusion is first scented with orange. After this, we layer it with orange peel, making it as beautiful in appearance as it is in taste. When brewed, it boasts a rich, zesty flavour evoking pleasant images of warm Mediterranean evenings.

Violet Tea

This brew is the perfect choice for relaxing after a long, hard day. Its calming properties, thanks to the addition of violet flowers, treats insomnia, anxiety and mild depression. Violet Tea consists of a floral-malty fusion of flavour with a subtle astringent taste to finish.

Arctic Fire Tea

Contrary to the name, Arctic Fire Tea is a combination of sweet, tropical flavours with additional notes of peppermint. Upon the first sip, it has a divine fruitiness with malty undertones. The menthol notes contained within peppermint, meanwhile, offer a bold, icy finish.

Ginseng Tea

This beverage combines the delectable flavour of Black Tea with the outstanding health benefits of Ginseng. It makes for a match made in heaven. This, in turn, makes it one of our most popular Flavoured Black Teas. Expect herbaceous notes with malty overtones.

Papaya, Guava and Mango Black Tea

It's easy to imagine sun-kissed beaches and palm trees dancing in the wind with our Papaya, Guava and Mango Black Tea. Be transported with its mesmerising aroma and delectably fruity flavours.

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