Turkish Coffee

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Brewing instructions

Brewed with water at 90 Degrees, let the flower unfurl do not remove flower. This is can be steeped a number of times.

Brewing instructions

Turkish Coffee (Türk Kahvesi) refers to the method of brewing rather than the origin of the beans. It is an age-old practice which utilises a Cezve, a specially designed small long-handled pot. We have made a Coffee perfectly suited to this method of brewing. It is a light-medium-roasted blend of sun-dried Ethiopian Djimmah Original Coffees ground to a fine powder.

All of our Coffees, including Turkish Coffee, are roasted using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the beans. It ensures both quality and consistency, and with 30 years’ of experience under our belt, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company know what they’re doing!

We also know that Coffee tastes best when it’s fresh. That’s why all of our Coffees, as well as our Teas and Tisanes, are packed fresh to order here in our Pluckley-based factory, which is nestled away within the stunning vistas of the Kentish countryside. We pride ourselves in not having anything “off the shelf”, our Turkish Coffee being no exception. Embrace the spirit of Turkey today with our Turkish Coffee.

To make this Coffee authentically, one should have a Turkish Coffee pot, a spoon, sugar and, of course, our Turkish Coffee! You should also consider having a demitasse cup, which is essentially a small Coffee cup used for Turkish Coffee. Once you have all these items, first measure the amount of cold water you will need. Then, place your pot (i.e. your Cezve) over a gas flame until the water begins to heat.

Next, add one tablespoon of our Turkish Coffee per demitasse cup (3 ounces); however, it’s important not to stir the Coffee at this stage as it may cause it to clump. Most Turkish Coffee drinkers choose to add sugar, as tradition often dictates, although this is up to you.

Nevertheless, one still shouldn’t stir at this point, not until the Coffee starts to sink into the water and the water is warm enough to dissolve the sugar. As soon as this occurs, stir several times until the brew begins to foam. The heat should only be turned down once a bubble “ring” begins to form on the surface of the beverage; these bubbles should be very small in size.

Arguably most important of all, be aware of the temperature of the brew. Strictly do not allow the heat to be hot enough to start boiling the Coffee brew. The key is to let the Coffee build a thick froth, which typically occurs around 158 F or 70 C. Keep it at this “foaming” stage for as long as you can without letting it come to a boil. Sometimes, gently stirring the Coffee is advised. Ultimately, the more foam, the better the brew. And once you’ve adhered to these steps, the Coffee is ready to drink!

When pouring your Turkish Coffee into the cups, first pour quickly to get the foam out, then slowly, all the while making sure each cup has an equal amount of foam. Traditionally, one serves Turkish Coffee with a glass of water. First drink the water to cleanse the palate, as well as to allow the Coffee grinds to settle at the bottom of the Coffee cup. Now, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your wonderful cup of Turkish Coffee!

Origin: Ethiopia.