Tea for Diabetes

Although tea should not be used for the treatment of diabetes, Epicatechins (EC), a group of Polyphenols from the Catechin group, which the highest levels are found in green teas like Java Orange Pekoe Ciater and white tea like Ying Zhen Silver Needle  due to their minimal processing, have been shown to reduce high blood sugar levels.


Also, after a dose of Epicatechin, beta cells that have become inactive in type 2 diabetes were regenerated and began functioning normally. Studies have shown that along with promoting insulin production, it also as like insulin does in the body.  

The Catechins in Green Tea also slows sugar release from starchy foods and prevents the blood from becoming 'sticky'.


Ginseng is used as a energy enhancer. However, it also may increase sensitivity to of blood sugar to insulin. Is it also prolongs the effects of Lente and Ultralente Insulin for type A and B Diabetes and can stimulate the production of insulin.  

As discussed, tea and herbs should not be used to treat diabetes, but it can help reduce the symptoms and risks associated with the condition. 

Teas we Recommend 

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