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Brewing instructions

Brew with water at 75 to 80 degrees and brew for 2 to 3 minutes, be careful not to over infuse

Brewing instructions


Cherry Green Tea is brimming with character, flavour and health benefits. We use the finest quality Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea in its making, to which we add all-natural cherry flavouring.

Should you be in the middle of summer or, simply, wishing you were, then this infusion will serve you well. Best of all, we pack it fresh to order here at our Kent-based factory.

What Does Cherry Green Tea Taste Like?

If you’re interested in knowing, “What does Cherry Green Tea taste like?”, the answer is “heavenly.” But you probably want to find out the specifics of its potential.

When brewed, expect sweet yet subtle notes of cherry with fresh, grassy undertones. Delicate and alluring to the last sip, it is an excellent choice if you don’t want to be overpowered by your morning cuppa.

Cherry Green Tea Ingredients

We create Cherry Flavoured Green Tea with the base ingredient of Gunpowder Green Tea. This is where workers roll the leaves into small, round pellets - which, according to some, resemble the lead shots once used in muskets.

The practice began in Zhejiang Province, China. However, it has since spread to other regions such as Guangdong, Anhui, Hunan and Fujian, as well as Taiwan.

Cherry Green Tea Caffeine

Green Tea and Cherry, like all types of Green Tea, flavoured or unflavoured, comes with a reasonable amount of caffeine. Specifically, you can expect around 30-mg per 8-oz cup.

That isn’t as much as Black Tea, say, and certainly nowhere near the amount of Caffeine in Coffee you’d see. Yet it still provides an often-much needed energy boost whenever you make a brew.

How to Make Cherry Green Tea

1, Put Tea leaves into a Tea Infuser or Filter (both available here).

2, Place the Tea-filled accessory in a mug or cup.

3, Boil fresh water and allow it to cool to temperatures between 80 and 90°C.

4, Infuse for 1 to 3 minutes. Any longer and you risk creating a bitter taste.

How to Serve: Best served without additions.

Cherry Green Tea Benefits

There are many reasons to choose this beverage - including, of course, its benefits. These are primarily the product of antioxidants, which exist in substantial amounts in your Tea.

Antioxidants do much to support your life. Most famously, they combat free radicals in the body, which ultimately reduces the risk of developing a multitude of chronic conditions.

Green Tea and Cherry for Weight Loss

Would you believe that Cherry Flavoured Green Tea health benefits also extend to weight loss? It’s true. The reason, for the most, is one of the Benefits of Green Tea is its ability to boost the metabolism of fat cells.

This enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently, leading to periods of exercise producing better, more noticeable results. It’s not going to do all of the work for you, though, so be sure to maintain that healthy lifestyle!

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