Celestial Jasmine Tea

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Brewing instructions

Brew with water at 75 to 80 degrees and brew for 2 to 3 minutes, be careful not to over infuse

Brewing instructions

Arguably one of the finest quality Jasmine loose leaf teas produced, Celestial Jasmine Tea is guaranteed to delight all senses with its full bodied and soft flavour coupled with its delicate aroma. Jasmine Tea is one of China’s most popular teas with its historical legacy as rich as its taste. This particular blend uses the finest Chinese Sencha Green Tea scented with pure Jasmine, which only adds to the divine quality of this outstanding brew.

First produced over 1,000 years ago, Jasmine Tea has come a long way with many different blends including Celestial Jasmine, created over the course of many centuries. Largely considered to have originated from the South-Song Dynasty in China, Jasmine Loose Tea had modest beginnings until it was further developed in the Ming Dynasty. By the early 1900’s, the blend was popular enough to be a fast-moving trade item with its smooth and glowing green liquor found in the cups of tea drinkers across the world!

Why Drink Celestial Jasmine Tea

Since then, Celestial Jasmine and other similar blends have seen a rapid increase in popularity as scientific studies begin to uncover the amazing health benefits associated with frequent consumption. While many of jasmine tea’s health benefits are a result of the green tea used as its base, jasmine itself is likewise capable of providing an extra boost.

Often used to promote relaxation and help reduce stress, the jasmine flower combined with green tea is a match made in heaven!

Further to this, Celestial Jasmine can also be consumed to aid in weight loss! Providing this blend is drunk alongside a healthy and active lifestyle, Celestial Jasmine’s antioxidant properties can help increase your metabolism. This increase in metabolic efficiency makes exercise more effective and helps your body process nutrients quicker.

Useful Information

Type of Tea: Green Loose Leaf.

Origin: Fujian Province in China 

Brewing Guide: Brew with water at temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees and infuse for 1 to 3 minutes.

How to Serve: Milk is not needed with this brew but lemon could be an optional extra.

Tasting Notes: Jasmine is a strong component in this blend with its pungent but delightfully floral taste and aroma dancing on your palate long after you finish drinking.  

Colour in Cup: A deep gold liquor, darker in tone than other similar blends.

Health Benefits

Celestial Jasmine doesn’t stop at weight loss! Other health benefits for this delicious and supportive blend include a reduced risk of heart attacks and diabetes, a stronger immune system and improved cardiovascular health.

With all these incredible health benefits of this tea combined with its fascinating history and great taste, you simply can’t go wrong from picking up some Celestial Jasmine today!

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