Classic Loose Tea Strainer

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Start your journey into the world of Loose Leaf Tea with our Classic Loose Tea Strainer. This lightweight, heat-resistant, durable and easy-to-clean item ensures the best taste in your cup, time and time again.

It is but the beginning, however, as you’ll need to choose a Loose Tea to go with it - or more! Our range of products is bound to surprise and enthral. Why not discover its potential today?

Step-by-Step Guide to Using This Strainer

  • While your Tea infuses in a Teapot, place the strainer over your cup.
  • Pour the Tea from the Teapot into the strainer once it is ready.
  • Note that the Tea strainer can get hot, so take care when handling.
  • Remove the strainer and enjoy your Loose Tea.

Why Should I Choose Loose Leaf Tea?

Tea Bags are a relatively new invention dating back to 1908. There is no denying their convenience. However, most connoisseurs opt for Loose Leaf Tea because, put simply, it offers more. Some suggest, for example, that it has a stronger flavour, indeed a stronger character, than Tea Bags.

It’s distinct tasting notes, too, are more discernible, thus ensuring you get the full experience from your cuppa.

Contrary to popular belief, brewing Loose Leaf Tea isn’t as time-consuming as it appears - not when you use our Loose Tea Strainer.

Perhaps best of all, this item is non-stick, non-toxic and, really, non-hassle! But don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself! This remarkable tool will provide you with (almost) everything you need to make the best brew around.

Measurements: Metal Tea Strainer with holder. 5.5cm Diameter.

4.3 / 5
  1. High quality tea. Will buy again

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  2. It's functional and is one of the better ones for resting strainer after use. However, others I've used thr rest sits better on top of the strainer both whilst in use and for storage purposes.

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  3. Have thoroughly enjoyed the tea and will be ordering again very soon

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  4. A very sturdy tea strainer

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