Classic Loose Tea Strainer

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Happy Brewing from the team at Kent & Sussex

We have over 800 different types of Teas and Coffees to fill your cup

Brewing instructions

Our Classic Tea Strainer is use to filter the tea leaves when poring your tea from the teapot to your cup ensuring none of the loose leaf tea ends up in your cup of tea.

Step by Step guide on using your tea strainer:

• When your tea has infused, place your strainer over the cup
• Pour the tea from your tea pot into your cup
• Note the tea strainer can get hot so take care when handling

Useful Information:

• Heat resistant
• Lightweight 
• Non-toxic, non-stick finish
• Easy to clean
• Durable, can be reused again and again.

We have an ever growing selection of tea filters which you will find on our website.

4 / 5
  1. It's functional and is one of the better ones for resting strainer after use. However, others I've used thr rest sits better on top of the strainer both whilst in use and for storage purposes.

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  2. Have thoroughly enjoyed the tea and will be ordering again very soon

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  3. A very sturdy tea strainer

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